Day 10 - The sun is reflected in water droplets on fir tree needles; please look at this in the large size and you'll see the starbursts in all the water drops. I took this shot a couple of months ago when we had our first bout of hoarfrost. I dashed out the take photos, but the sun was melting the frost faster than I could capture it. I ended up spending about two hours taking photos of water drops all over the garden and yard. I remember being so excited that I forgot to get breakfast for my poor long-suffering hubby. You all posted a lot of great images today. I really enjoyed looking through them all. It is amazing how much talent is here on smugmug. I am constantly being inspired to try new things by all the creativity I see here. So, thanks, everyone for being SUCH an inspiration! Hope your day is lovely. I know Dave is getting buried in snow again in Seattle. I think we're all ready for winter to end. - FotoEffects Photography - Judy Horton