8/4/13 - D is for Drop; with the travel days this week, I only got a few options for our "D" day and, as this is the only one that I managed to get uploaded, it is the one I'm posting. I put a throw pillow behind the drops and that is the refraction that you are seeing! Looking forward to everyone's interpretation of "D"! The 'net access here seems to be pretty bad, so I don't know how much commenting I'll be able to do. While we were on the road, it sounds like the situation with smugmug and the dailies is much more positive. Based on e-mails some of you have forwarded to me, smugmug intends to allow people to continue to use their legacy sites for many months and this will allow us to continue with the daily community. And, they have promised to make the daily community available on the new smugmug as well. Thanks for all your comments on my shot of the wildflowers in the Grand Tetons. I appreciate every one! - FotoEffects Photography - Judy Horton