10/12/12 - Arches National Park; on the drive into the park; best viewed in the largest sizes. This is one of the huge cliff walls that surround you as you climb into Arches. I grabbed this shot from the car and liked the powerful sweep of the rocks. I'm glad you all aren't too bored with these shots, as I'm still trying to get the first Arches file I've processed uploaded to smugmug. I have several more files of Arches shots. We went again this evening and had a gorgeous sunset, which was merely a backdrop to the dramatic rocks in the park. It had been overcast all day and around 6 p.m., it looked like the clouds might break up enough that we could see the sunset. Unfortunately, there were still so many clouds that the late evening light wasn't as we'd hoped. Thanks so much for your warm response to my shot of Arches with the rabbitbrush in the foreground. I have to admit that it is definitely one of my favorite shots of the park. So many wonderful smugmugger shots today; you folks seem to really be outdoing yourselves. I remember some of the shots that many of us were posting a few years ago and it is amazing to me how much growth I've witnessed among the members of this community. We seem to feed off one another with everyone getting better and better at our craft! Constructive criticism is always welcome. - FotoEffects Photography - Judy Horton