10/5/12 - Grasses and goldenrod; best viewed in the largest sizes; I liked the detail and the contrasts between the grass and the goldenrod. Thanks for the comments on my latest shot from Arches. I'm still having trouble getting access to the 'net for uploading, posting and commenting. In addition, I'm now having a problem with Photoshop. It won't save my images properly. Problem started when I tried to purge the cache and got an error message. I eventually removed photoshop and all my plugins and reinstalled them. Everything worked ok and then I tried to purge the cache and got the same issue again. Guess I'll have to reinstall again and quit purging the cache, although that will create problems of its own. I'll contact Adobe. Anyone else run into this with CS6? Constructive criticism is always welcome. - FotoEffects Photography - Judy Horton