10/3/12 - Arches National Park, Utah - a view of Devil's Garden; the immensity of this group of red sandstone formations is difficult to comprehend; best viewed in the largest sizes. This was not taken as a pano but is a crop of the middle portion of the photograph. Thanks for the comments on my color shot of Arches with the dead tree trunk. You folks have been so supportive of my Arches shots. I do appreciate the time it takes for you to comment. We drove up to Canyonlands this afternoon, but there were zero clouds in the sky and the light was harsh and views were hazy. We'll go back when it is cloudy. It is a difficult place to photograph well, I think, as you are generally looking down on a vast expanse. Getting a sense of the scale is almost impossible. Constructive criticism is always welcome. Have a great day, everyone! - FotoEffects Photography - Judy Horton