10/2/12 - Arches National Park, Utah; best viewed in the largest sizes. The red sandstone rock formations in Arches National Park are wonderfully colorful, and the soil itself is full of color. Thanks so much for your warm response to my b/w Arches shot. You guys are the best! I've really loved browsing through all your shots again since we're back with decent Web access. The variety always amazes me. And, I've really enjoyed the shots some of you have been taking of Yellowstone. It is so interesting to see how your photographic vision is different from or similar to my attempts at photographing the same places. For Kelly, who asked about the detailed camera data on my shots, it is always available to you if you click on the "i" button on the drop down menu that appears when you scroll over the right side of the image. Constructive criticism is always welcome. - FotoEffects Photography - Judy Horton