10/1/12 - Arches National Park, Utah; best viewed in the largest sizes. The RV next to us left early this morning and we suddenly had access to the Internet. It was, apparently, blocking the signal from the wifi repeater nearest us. Hopefully, another one will not come into that spot. I managed to upload a bunch of shots taken in Arches and this is one of them. I'm especially pleased with the b/w versions of my shots there. The landscapes in the park seem to be made for black and white. I was honored that you all made my shot of the moon rising in Arches the #1 shot for the day. There were so many other wonderful shots on smugmug today and I thoroughly enjoyed being able to view and comment on them, after being deprived of the pleasure for over a week. Constructive criticism is always welcome! If you are like me, you don't always feel you have some constructive critique to make on many photos, but, when you do, please know that I appreciate them. - FotoEffects Photography - Judy Horton