6/29/12 - Posterized version of Boondocks, which is on the road into Deadwood. We've been without 'Net access since leaving home on June 20. I've missed so many of your wonderful shots, I know. I'm overwhelmed with processing all the images I've been capturing. I thought this subject was well suited to a poster effect. I could not believe my eyes when I saw this place with these three old cars sitting in front of it. We've been trying to keep up on our kids and friends in Colorado Springs. The area where we used to live was not involved in the fires, but some of our friends lived in the evacuated areas. Looks like all their homes survived. Our hearts are crying for all those who lost so much in the fire. There are even a few wildfires up here in South Dakota, but they are pretty small and the firefighters seem to be having some luck controlling them. The Black Hills, Badlands and surrounding areas are beautiful and we're really enjoying all the sights. Hope you folks have been doing well! - FotoEffects Photography - Judy Horton