5/16/12 - Old Citroen, perfectly restored. These cars (Called 2CV ("Deux Chevaux": "Two Horses", literaly) are mythic in France and have been extremely popular for decades (just like the Fiat 500 in Italy). They were designed just around WWII and for the engineers the task was to design a cheap car that would be able to carry two passengers and a basket of fresh eggs across a bumpy field without a single egg being broken upon arrival. The car on the picture is among the last ever made and is called "Charleston" (this is due to the colour of the body). We found this car in the lot at the Fiat dealer in Denver, where we had gone with our kids to look at the Abarth. I love this car! Thanks for the comments on my shot inside the restaurant. Much appreciated! Have a great day! - FotoEffects Photography - Judy Horton