A mother or father robin is about to feed its babies with a mess of bugs it has captured. Must be viewed in the largest size to see the details. I was so excited to get this shot! There are actually four babies, but these two were the only ones that could hold their heads up above the nest's rim. I'm amazed at how many insects the parent has managed to keep in its beak. These robins have nested on a wreath on my front porch. It has been fascinating watching them incubate the eggs and, now, feed the babes. Hope you folks like it! I'm totally humbled that my iris shot was #1 for the day! It seemed to me that so many people really outdid themselves yesterday. I think every single shot on the first page was deserving of the top position. I had a bit of extra time and went almost all the way through all the photos today and I just got more and more inspired! Wow!!! - FotoEffects Photography - Judy Horton