1/22/13 - Paintings by Floyd D Tunson were featured in a large exhibit at the Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center. This is a huge floor-to-ceiling installation of a number of separate pieces of art that were created to go together. They are quite amazing to see in person. Thanks for your comments on my shot of the hanging glass in Cherry Creek. Much appreciated. After spending quite a few hours online with a senior Apple technical consultant, I seem to have resolved my problem, at least for now. I reloaded the operating system and the problem still existed but, then, suddenly, a few hours later, it suddenly was ok. Makes me worry that it will recur. The Apple consultant was thinking I probably had a hadware problem, possibly a defective logic board or bad USB ports. I'm going to check with her tomorrow to see if I should still take the computer in for testing. I appreciated all your good wishes on my computer problems. I know most of us experience these kinds of things from time to time. - FotoEffects Photography - Judy Horton