12/12/12 - Reflections in the produce department at the local Fry's; I looked up and saw the apples reflected in the scale. Shot at 1/125th sec. and with the EV bumped up just a bit. In retrospect, it might have been a more interesting shot if I'd slanted the angle a bit. It seems a little static to me but I do like something about the apples reflected there. Thanks for all your comments on my shot inside San Xavier Mission. I do wish I'd taken just a moment or two more to compose the shot a bit better. As my skills in shooting have improved and I am more confident about my settings, I think I've gotten a bit careless sometimes about the composition and lining the shot up perfectly, as I think I'll be able to correct any problems in photoshop. And I did correct some of the problems with that shot, but I wish I had found a way to not cut off the top of the curve at the top. Oh, well, we live and learn. - FotoEffects Photography - Judy Horton